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Mo Length Lace Adhesive Water Proof Lace Glue For Wigs And Hair Pieces 1.3oz

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Tired of paying top dollar for lace glue products that simply don’t work?
Those days are finally over!
Mo Length lace glue has extreme superior hold,
To keep your wig or hair piece firmly in place 3-4 weeks, no questions asked.
It’s waterproof so you can swim or shower and your wig will stay perfectly in place.
And that’s not even the best part.
Mo Length lace glue is humidity resistant.
Now you can jog, workout or use high powered flat irons without ruining your hairstyle of reapplying glue.
We’ve designed a product so strong it can hold your hair in place no matter what physical activities you do.
Yet it’s so delicate it will protect your wig or hair piece and keep you comfortable and secure 3-4 weeks.100% non-toxic, latex free and easy to use for all hair types even if you have excessively oily skin. 

Invisible Bonding for Poly & Lace Systems

Specially Formulated For

  • Oily Scalps
  • High Humidity
  • Heavy Perspiration

Water Based Copolymer

  • No Latex
  • No Harsh Solvents
  • New Formulation
  • Can be used on Poly & Lace
  • Do not apply directly to mono-filament or lace foundations





Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

This glue works water, and sweat resistant last long amazing my second time ordering

Talibah Daniels

Love this glue, dries quickly, water resistant, last long, not messy.


I Was A Bit Skeptical About Trying New Things, But , This Product Is Amazing. It Does Exactly As Described With The Exception Of It Not Holding For 4-6 Weeks. I Find Myself Having To Reapply Every Few Days

Joyce Starks-Moore
The "BEST" Adhesive

Mo Length Lace Adhesive Glue is the absolute "BEST" adhesive hair glue I have used. I have tried several brands with the expectation advertised BUT was disappointed everytime! I can literally go 5-6 days along with having "hot flashes" and Mo Length does "everything" they advertise! Thank YOU SO much for a product being true to it's advertisement.

Ericka Mangual

I recently ordered mine... I absolutely love it!!! No need to try anything else 🥰