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Introducing Mo Length Custom Create Your Own Wig – the perfect wig for those who want to achieve their desired look exactly how they want it!

This custom wig allows you to choose the texture, length, cap size, and density that best suit your needs. Whether you want a sleek and straight look,deep waves, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Our wig comes in its natural state, ready for you to style as desired. This allows you to have complete control over your wig’s final look.

We know the importance of a secure and comfortable fit, which is why our wig comes with an elastic band. This ensures that your wig stays in place all day long, so you can slay any look with confidence.

Our wigs are crafted with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. When taken care of properly, our wigs can last for years, making it a great investment for all your future hair needs.

No matter what your style is, Mo Length Custom Create Your Own Wig allows you to express yourself and bring your dream hairstyle to life. Order now and get ready to make heads turn! also include steps on how to order custom wig 1. select density, 2. choose lace type, 3. choose hair texture. 4. cap size. 5. choose hair texture
6. choose length 7. place your order and wait for your customized wig to arrive! Transform your look with Mo Length Custom Create Your Own Wig today!

  • 100% raw and virgin hair. Can be colored and styled.

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Lace Type:

“Mo Length 2x6 HD closure exceeded my expectations. It is of high quality, the knots are tiny, and the lace led is perfect. And the customer service was exceptional. I highly recommend this closure to anyone looking for aa natural and flawless look. Thank you Mo Length!”


3 Easy steps to


You can now design your very own custom wig.
All our custom wigs are handmade!
our can now create your own wig online and it will be sent out directly to you!
It can be with you as soon as 5 working days!
Prices varies on the length & Density.

  • STEP 1. Browse custom wig options. Make it your own
  • STEP 2. Use our online ordering form above to select all the custom wig options that we will use to produce your one-of kind custom unit. The possibilities are endless!
  • STEP 3. Satisfied with your custom wig option selections. Go ahead and [add to cart]. Then complete your payment securely at checkout. You are all done!


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