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Mo Length Lace Adhesive Remover

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Mo Length Lace Remover is a solvent produced by Mo Length Hair Extension Company. This solvent is ideal for removing adhesives and tape without damaging the hair, skin or scalp. This product is lab tested and is skin safe. Mo Length Lace Remover is the best agent to be used to remove all Mo Length Products. The remover should not be used near the mouth or the eye area. If this product enters the eye area, please flush immediately with water. Mo Length Remover should be stored at room temperature. This product should not be used other than specified on this page. Please consult a certified professional for proper removal techniques and procedures. Contains no harsh solvents Contains no dyes Doesn't have harmful fumes Assist with removal to help eliminate build up on Lace. Our Lace Remover, removes your wig smooth & easily while protecting your edges! Not only does it remove your unit but removes the glue & adhesive from the lace, your hair & any residue that's left on your skin. It's a must have!